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Javelin Vendors


We at Javelin value our partnership with our Vendors and fostering clear and responsive communication. We are committed to providing service at a high level by fulfilling requests and inquiries in an expedient and professional manner. We value your contribution to our business and look forward to developing a relationship with your company.

  • When Can I Expect My Check?
    Payments (checks and ACH) are sent on or about the last business day of each month directly from JPMorgan Chase Bank. Oil revenue is typically paid within 60 days following the sales month. Gas revenue is typically paid within 60-90 days following the sales month. Please allow 10 business days for checks to arrive before reaching out regarding missing checks. Revenue statements are mailed out separately by Enverus on or around the same day checks are mailed.
  • Why Does My Monthly Payment Vary?
    Payment amounts can vary due to many factors including the following: Missing or incorrect address Corrections to a previous payment Notice of a change of ownership Oil & natural gas production and market conditions
  • Minimum Amount to Issue a Check
    Checks are not issued until the balance due to an owner reaches $50.00. Once a year Javelin will issue payments to all owners with a total balance of less than $50.00.
  • Sign up for Direct Deposit
    Please fill out the ACH request form and attach a voided check (for checking accounts) or a bank letter (for savings accounts). The name on the check must match the name on the Javelin owner’s account. An owner relations team member will call to verify your ACH information.
  • Address or Direct Deposit Change
    All address changes and direct deposit changes must be received in writing with the owner’s signature. For your convenience, please use the address change form or ACH change form found on our website.
  • 1099s
    1099s are mailed out by January 31st of each year. Please allow 10 business days for 1099s to arrive before reaching out for a replacement.

Contacting Javelin Energy Partners Management

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​Vendor Relations

Javelin Energy Partners Management

6333 N. State Hwy 161, Ste 500

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